Stp Plant 30 KLD

Stp Plant 30 KLD
Stp Plant 30 KLD

Stp Plant 30 KLD

With the support of our adroit professionals, we provide our clients a high-quality Water Treatment Plant. The offered plants are a pressure-driven separation process. The filtration process takes place on a selective separation layer formed by an organic semi-permeable membrane. The driving force of the separation process is the pressure difference between the feed and the filtrate (permeate) side at the separation layer of the membrane.

Due to the lower operating pressure and higher flow rates, nano-filtration is inexpensive when compared to reverse osmosis Features: Low water-rejection rate, Low operational and maintenance costs and Smooth functioning.

Product Details

Brand Aqua Royal ENGINEERING
Applicable Industry Pharmaceutical,Chemical/Petroleum,Automobile
Installation Type Completes Civil work with Installation
Automation Grade Fully Automatic,Semi-Automatic
Water Source Industrial Effluent,Industrial Wastewater
Type Sewage Treatment,Effluent Treatment
Application Industry Pharmaceutical & Chemicals
Capacity (KLD/MLD) 30 KLD
Deliver Type PAN India
Treatment Stages Tertiary Treatment
Treatment Technology Membrane Bioreactor(MBR)